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Fall TV Shows I’m Interested In

It’s that time of year again, when the magazines release their “Fall TV Preview” issues. And, despite what people may say about Hollywood being stuck in Remake Land, there’s a lot of new shows this fall that look pretty interesting. Plus, there’s still old shows returning on top of that. So, garnered from Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide's recent “Fall TV Preview” issues, here's what I'm interested in watching this fall:


Returning: The Amazing Race (CBS)

This is the only returning show that was listed that I was really interested in. But then, I’ve been watching this show since season 5 (way back in 2004!), so that I would continue to watch it goes without saying. This is the 19th season, and the fact that it’s survived that long and still seems fresh is amazing. It’s also the show’s 10th anniversary this year (somehow they’ve done 18 full seasons in only 10 years; maybe because each race only lasts like a month), so it’s possible they’ll do something special. Not to mention that next season - if there is one - will be the 20th season, so if they don’t do something special for this season they certainly will for that one. Looking forward to seeing how things go this time around!

[Sidenote: The logo is the one for season 18. The season 19 one’s not available yet.]

New: Charlie’s Angels (ABC)

I’m not old enough to remember the original Charlie’s Angels from the ‘70’s, but I did like the more recent Charlie’s Angels movies quite a bit. And I like the concept of three strong female detectives working for a boss they never see. There’s some mystery there. Plus the new Bosley is pretty attractive. Also, the twist in this version is that the Angels are all former bad girls that Charlie has “redeemed” in one way or another (and heck, even Bosley is a former bad hacker turned good hacker, √† la Alec Hardison from Leverage). It’s on at the same time as The X Factor, though, so if my parents decide to watch X Factor (I’m not sure I want to watch it or not but they might like it), DVR-ing this show will be a challenge.

[Sidenote: Just read on Wikipedia that this reboot will debut on the 35th anniversary of the debut of the original show. Cool!]

New: Grimm (NBC)

Police procedural shows usually turn me off because of the blood and other stuff that I can’t bear to watch. But this one’s different - it features a distant descendant of the Brothers Grimm who can detect fairy tale beings. And he solves crimes that are inspired by said fairy tales. And I like fairy tales. Plus, I appreciate that they mention in the TV Guide bit how dark the Grimm tales are. Because they REALLY are. Really, they’re folktales that the Grimm brothers collected on their journeys around Germany (despite what you may have heard, they did NOT write them themselves), and some old folktales are not really very child-friendly. Their version of Cinderella (Aschenputtel or “The Little Ash Girl”) is pretty grisly, for instance. Anyway, this show looks like it could be interesting, and it’s on a major network rather than SyFy or something, which is worth noting (then again, NBC also did Heroes, which is also not your typical network show). Entertainment Weekly also noted that Fridays - the day this show airs on - are famous for shows featuring the paranormal or supernatural, including The X-Files, which aired successfully for years on Friday nights. So Grimm will have some competition (including the well-established Fringe on Fox).

New: Once Upon a Time (ABC)

Wow, ABC is really going out on a limb this fall. They’re reviving Charlie’s Angels AND they’re doing a fantasy show! Of course, they may just be trying to compete with The Secret Circle (yet another supernatural show coming to the CW) and Grimm. Anyway, this show is about two parallel worlds, one of which is a fairy tale land and one of which is our world, and about a girl, who happens to be Snow White’s adult daughter, who’s caught in the middle of a fight between the two. Anyway, it looks like something I might be into so I’m going to check it out.


Those are the shows I’m definitely going to check out, and now some ones I’m on the fence about.

Maybe: Terra Nova (Fox), Unforgettable (CBS), Pan Am (ABC) and The X Factor (Fox)

I grouped these together, don’t know why.

Anyway, I’m not sure about any of these shows. Terra Nova is basically a sort of sci-fi show, but with dinosaurs, if that makes any sense. It starts in some post-apocalyptic world where those seeking a fresh start can take a one-way time-travel trip back to Terra Nova, a settlement back in the dino days. When I first heard about it, it sounded cool, but now I’m not so sure.

Unforgettable is another police procedural, and I already said I don’t like those very much. But this one has a main character who has hyperthymesia, a.k.a. Superior Autobiographical Memory. Basically, she can remember everything she’s ever seen or experienced (except, conveniently, this one traumatic event it seems she’s successfully suppressed). And that’s an idea that hasn’t really been played with in a police show that I know of. So I might check it out. Though her ability kinda sounds like the guy from Limitless when he was on the drug.

Pan Am is about flight attendants/stewardesses for Pan American airlines back in the ‘60’s. Basically, it’s trying to benefit from the wave of interest in the ‘60’s that Mad Men generated. At least that’s what I think. Still, I’m kinda curious about it, and at any rate it’s bound to be WAY more tasteful than its only possible competitor, NBC’s fall show The Playboy Club (which is already causing controversy - one Salt Lake City station refused to air it), which is nice because I’m weirdly old-fashioned and actually LIKE tasteful stuff. So we’ll see.

And, lastly, The X Factor. In other words, the big project Simon Cowell worked on when he wasn’t shooting American Idol, its British granddaddy Pop Idol, or Britain’s Got Talent. He more or less left American Idol so he could bring The X Factor over here from the UK and then basically go back to what he was doing on American Idol, which is judging an American remake of a British singing-competition reality show. Heck, they even reunited him with Paula Abdul! Like I said, my parents might watch it, which is probably because they are still really into American Idol and I’m just “eh” about it. I was so busy with school last spring that I barely watched season 10 of Idol anyway. It seems The X Factor will be airing on both Wednesday and Thursday, oddly; I guess this is like Idol's format of doing performances one night and results the following night? At any rate, as I said, the Thursday one will air at the same time as Charlie’s Angels, so I hope I’ll still be able to DVR Angels (our DVR doesn’t allow you to record more than two things simultaneously, and who knows what else my parents will be recording…plus I know with Idol they sometimes set it to record both on the regular channel and the HD channel, which counts as two recordings even though it’s the same channel and the same show).

Maybe: Boardwalk Empire (Returning, HBO)

I don’t think we actually get HBO, so if I watched this show I’d have to do it online most likely. But I heard about this show when it first began and then never got around to watching it. Basically, it’s about life on the Atlantic City Boardwalk during the Roaring Twenties. It sounds really good.


So, anyway, as Forrest Gump would say, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

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