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Legend of Korra Season Finale (SPOILER ALERT!)

Oh. My. Gosh. I just watched the 2-part season finale of “The Legend of Korra” via Nick on Demand (I usually record it on our DVR, but it didn’t record for some reason). And wow. Not what I expected at all.

In the first part, “Skeletons in the Closet,” General Iroh joins up with Team Avatar (Korra, Mako, Bolin, and Asami), though not under great circumstances as the Equalists send a bunch of WWI-esque bomber planes (which are in keeping with the series’ 1920’s feel) to bomb the crud out of Iroh’s fleet of ships (which were obviously made in the Fire Nation by the looks of them). Iroh himself puts up a pretty good fight - he’s a darn good Firebender. We find out later he can generate lightning, and he also says “my grandfather would’ve respected the Avatar’s instincts,” which tells us his grandfather must’ve known the Avatar AND known lightning generation. This makes me think that his grandfather must be Zuko or Uncle Iroh (assuming Iroh had any other children besides the son he lost), both of whom came to trust Aang in the end in the original series. (One of Iroh’s eyes is orange and one is green, though…hmm).

Anyway the gang decides they’re going to take down the Equalists’ airstrip to give Iroh’s 2nd-in-command, Tenzin’s brother Bumi, time to arrive with reinforcements. Korra, however, decides to stay behind, saying her gut tells her it’s time to face Amon. Mako decides to stay with her, and the others (Bolin, Iroh, and Asami) head off with Naga.

Long story short, the BIG reveal of this episode was the true backstory of Amon, provided by Tarrlok. He’s Tarrlok’s brother (originally named Nuatoc), making him also Yokone’s son, AND - and this is the real shock - Amon is a BENDER! Yeah, you read that right. Like Tarrlok (or rather as Tarrlok was before he got his bending taken away), he is a Waterbender who can Bloodbend without a full moon. And THAT’s how he’s taking away people’s bending - through some kind of powerful psychic Bloodbending. (No wonder Katara hates Bloodbending so much! And we learn in this episode btw that she helped make it illegal. Go Katara!!) So anyway, although we still don’t know where Amon’s scar comes from (though now that it’s been shown, I’m suspecting it came from a burn of some kind, like Zuko’s scar, since it looks similar), we now know his story about his family getting killed by Firebenders is a total lie. We also know that even when he was good he wanted people to be treated fairly, and that even Tarrlok was good once himself, which shows just how much Yokone’s influence and legacy have warped his sons. (Almost makes you feel sorry for Amon).

So anyway, armed with this new knowledge, Mako and Korra set out to expose Amon to his followers at an Equalist rally, but Amon twists things and makes the crowd doubt Korra. Then he ups the ante by revealing he’s captured Tenzin and his family, which launches Mako and Korra into battle mode, and the two pursue Amon while Tenzin and co escape. He Bloodbends both of them for a good long while, then proceeds to TAKE KORRA’S BENDING. Yeah. And it actually works! And so Part 1 ends.

Enter Part 2 (“Endgame”). Thankfully, Mako still has HIS bending and shows off some mad skills with lightning, surprising Amon, who declares that he’s never had a bender outsmart him like that before and that he almost doesn’t want to take such a strong bender’s bending away. Emphasis on ALMOST. Amon goes in for the strike when all of the sudden Korra appears, and to everyone’s surprise - especially Korra’s - she manages to Airbend, freeing Mako from Amon. Now, you have to remember, Korra has never been able to Airbend before now. And Amon is not expecting her to since he just took her bending away. So it’s a great scene. Not to mention watching Mako outsmart Amon was pretty awesome.

Oh and as for Team Destroy-the-Airfield, they get there, get arrested by Asami’s dad, then freed by Naga. Iroh takes off to take down the planes (a rather amusing part of the episode, as Iroh clearly has no idea how to fly a plane) while Bolin puts his Earthbending to work tearing up the airfield and Asami has a fairly uneventful mecha battle with her father in those “Megatanks” he built for the Equalists.

Mako and Korra manage to get everyone to believe them about Amon. Amon, meanwhile, escapes and frees Tarrlok, claiming they can start fresh together. I think Tarrlok smells a rat though (Amon’s boat has Equalist electrocuting gloves in it) because the last we see of them is Tarrlok blowing up the boat with them in it, using one of the gloves.

Team Avatar, Lin Beifong, and Tenzin and his family head back to Korra’s home in the Southern Water Tribe. Katara tries to restore Korra’s bending, but is unable to (though Korra can still Airbend, as we saw before). Korra goes off alone, though not before Mako confesses his love for her. On a cliff overlooking the sea, she tries to come to grips with what has happened and begins to cry.

As she cries, a tall man in Airbending robes appears behind her. She assumes it’s Tenzin and tells him to go away. But upon hearing the man’s voice, she turns around. The man is Aang! He reminds her that, when we’re at our lowest point, we are most open to change, and tells her she has connected with her spiritual side. The other Avatars then appear behind him. In a move similar to the Energybending he used on Ozai and Yokone (but apparently with power from the other Avatars), Aang restores Korra’s bending!! Yay!! She then goes into the Avatar State (something I know a LOT of fans were waiting for) and Waterbends, Firebends, Earthbends, and Airbends in turn. As she comes out of the State, she sees Mako behind her. She runs to him and tells him she loves him too, and they kiss.

The episode ends with one of the biggest reveals: Aang passed on the ability to restore bending to Korra! We see this demonstrated when she gives Lin Beifong back her Earthbending. Everyone is impressed, and Tenzin tells Korra he’s proud of her. Then the episode ends.

So…wow. What a finale!! All the things people predicted happened - Amon’s identity was revealed, he did succeed in taking Korra’s bending, Korra Airbended for the first time, and Korra finally entered the Avatar State. And the more minor things, like the Asami/Mr. Sato plot and the Mako/Korra love confession moment were dealt with really well too!

This makes me pumped for next season. I assume Amon is not dead (yeah, the boat he was on blew up in the middle of the ocean, but remember, Amon is a Waterbender), so Korra will have to go after him and ultimately face him again. But now she has (apparently) mastered all the elements, achieved the Avatar State, and has the power to reverse Amon’s de-bending technique. So things are going to be WAY different now. Guess we just have to wait and see what happens!

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