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Girl, Gaffrey does not equal Gallifrey

I’m watching The Amazing Race right now, a show I’m a diehard fan of and have been watching since season 5.

Anyway, this one team, these two firefighters, have these shirts on that say “Gaffrey Fire Dept.”

And for a second, I thought, “Does that say Gallifrey?”

Which of course they don’t.

I’ve been watching too much Doctor Who

Maybe I should give up on this blog-every-day challenge for my DW episode analysis blog TARDIS Thoughts. I can’t keep up with it that well anymore, especially with the late shifts I’ve been getting at work. Plus it’s forcing all my other work to the wayside.


Whew, got that off my chest.

On the Race front, I think I’m rooting for either the cancer survivors (Dave and Connor) or the YouTube stars (Joey & Meghan; or JoeyGraceffa and Strawburry17 as they are known on YouTube). This isn’t the first time this show has had YouTube stars on it; YouTube star Kevin Wu (aka KevJumba) and his dad Michael, who often appears in his videos, were on season 17.

And as for that alliance between the first flight teams…don’t expect that to last. Alliances like that always break down eventually. Trust me. This is my 17th straight season watching this show. I know these things. (And as soon as I figure out who I’d team up with - which I haven’t yet - I will apply to get on this show. Someday I will hear Phil say those classic starting words for real: “The world is waiting for you. Good luck. Travel safe. Go!” Every Amazing Race starts with those words! *squee*)

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