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Just watched this on Hulu…it’s Viz’s official announcement trailer for their subbed release of Sailor Moon on Hulu and Neon Alley. (With also the promise of a dub).

They really are doing all 5 seasons…including Sailor Stars, which has never been shown in America EVER. Most fans here have seen it one way or another, and there are many fandubs of Sailor Stars out there.

This is awesome that they are doing every episode, uncut, subbed. I have been taking advantage of this to catch up on the show, because I am really behind. I went this long without having seen the whole Sailor Moon anime…shame on me. :(


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The TARDIS’s thoughts on Clara, from Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Lives and Times.


Well maybe from the TARDIS’s perspective Clara made him go.

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Tell me these aren’t actual giant peanuts!

I thought they were peanuts too. I bet in real life they are.


Tell me these aren’t actual giant peanuts!

I thought they were peanuts too. I bet in real life they are.

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Was Merlin Dr. Who? Was Cinderella’s Godmother Dr. Who’s wife chasing him through time?

From an early plot outline for Doctor Who by C.E. Webber, with notes by Syndey Newman.

Clearly, the Merlin idea was later implemented in “Battlefield” and its prequel “One Fateful Knight.” The thing about Cinderella’s Godmother makes me think of River for some reason. After all, given that she and The Doctor’s timelines don’t match up, she kinda is “chasing him through time.”

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So my attempt to watch as much Classic Who as I can before Series 8 premieres has turned into a sideblog. It’s still a work-in-progress, but with luck I hope to start this adventure by Monday.

Make sure to look at the desktop version in particular so you can see the cool theme I used.

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A memo to whovians   


  • Steven Moffat, no matter what you think of him, just isn’t that sexist.
  • Pointing out every flaw of Davis’ era does not help Moffat, it only creates a bigger gap.
  • Yes, Moffat’s story arcs are complex, but they’re not that complex, and there is nothing wrong with…

Hear hear.

Though I admit I’ve done the one about complaining about Classic Who’s special effects. I’m not gonna lie, they are kinda laughable. But the author is right, they did the best with what they had. They had a low budget and at first a pretty awful studio to work in, which was really small - to the point that the TARDIS console room set took up almost the whole studio - and had issues with the fire sprinklers if “An Adventure in Space and Time” is to be believed. But low budgets require creativity with special effects anyway - “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” is a classic example of this. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say.

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