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Animes like Shugo Chara


I was just thinking that if any of you all are looking for good magical girl animes like Shugo Chara, while none are quite exactly like SC, I have some suggestions.

1. Tokyo Mew Mew

2. Cardcaptor Sakura

3. Princess Tutu (very different from the normal magical girl genre but still very good)


its-shugo-chara-time Interesting you should mention Tokyo Mew Mew…the awkward relationship between Amu and Ikuto does remind me of the Kish and Ichigo relationship. Both involve the star’s main crush being involved in the fight as well (though in TMM, it’s less obvious). I’d recommend Cardcaptor Sakura as well; I have a sneaking suspicion the animators (or maybe creators) of Shugo Chara were into it. The wings that appear on Amu when she does “hop, step, jump” look like what happens when Sakura uses the Jump Card, and Nadeshiko closely resembles CCS’s Tomoyo in both looks and personality. Though old, it should be readily available now due to the Blu-Ray re-release of it in Japan a couple years ago. Crunchyroll has it I know. I also recommend the manga, which is by CLAMP, one of my favorite mangakas. If you like this, you can also spot characters from it in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle; protagonists Syaoran and Princess Sakura are inspired by their CCS counterparts, and the CCS Sakura and Syaoran appear later. Tomoyo is also a recurring character, both in the various dimensions and as the miko princess of Kurogane’s world.

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Video game ideas

I was thinking again yesterday about the short period when I was considering using RPG Maker to make a game. At that time I was going to a Doctor Who/Pokémon crossover with all the Doctors, mainly so I could use the Pokémon starter pack for RPG Maker since I have never made a game in my life and would not likely be able to make one from scratch.

Other video game ideas I have had: a game called Lit Warrior which featured fighting librarians, a Super Smash Bros.-type game but with magical girls, called “Magical Tournament,” and a game called “Holy Warrior” with fan senshi based on the holy virtues and high vices and heavily influenced by The Divine Comedy. (The initial concept of this - having senshi based on that - I don’t think was mine; I think I picked it up off of DeviantArt somewhere and just played with it. I forget where on there I saw it).

Maybe I will do something with these again, who knows? I kinda want to.

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Gaming culture critic Sarkeesian cancels speech after school shooting threats

This is really sad. And maddening. Apparently these GamerGate people are actually threatening female game developers with serious threats of violence, even rape it would seem. So much so, this gaming culture critic actually canceled a lecture at a university out of fear for her own safety.

Let me just tell you a thing. I am a girl gamer, and have been for at least 15 years, when I started getting my own games rather than just watching my brother play (or playing Tetris on his original Game Boy). Pokémon Blue was one of the first games I played on my own (though since neither I nor my brother owned a Game Boy Color, I had to play it via a computer emulator). My brother also had a N64 around that time so I played that, playing games from Diddy Kong Racing (the only game I have ever used cheats on) to the original Super Smash Bros to Jeopardy!. (My brother also played his own games that I’d watch him play, such as Super Mario 64 and the Tony Hawk games…I also remember watching him play Ocarina of Time and get very lost in the Great Deku Tree).

I subsequently got a GameCube, a GBA, a DS, and a Wii, all of which I have or had games for. Sure, most of the games I have are RPGs (which is generally considered a big “girl gamer” category) but I also have enjoyed fighting games like Soul Calibur II, Street Fighter, and the Smash Bros series, and have played strategy/tactical RPGs (Pokémon Conquest, Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance). I also play mobile games like most people these days; I’m a big fan of Doctor Who: Legacy and Fruit Ninja. I’m not so into social gaming though (another big girl gamer market); I don’t play any Facebook games. I’m also not really into MMOs that much, and yes I have tried a couple, though they were pretty tame, all-ages MMOs (Free Realms and Fiesta). My best friend Amy is into MMOs though; she plays Rift and WoW.

I also did a paper for my Cultural Studies class on girls and gaming, using Chun-Li from Street Fighter (the first female character in a fighting game) as a jumping-off point. A lot has been written about the issue for anyone who is interested.

The point is…girls can be into games too. And even be game developers. That people are cruel enough to threaten women who are involved in gaming is just heartbreaking. And needs to stop. This sort of bullying is just as bad as the childhood kind. Stats already show that the amount of girls who say as kids they want to do STEM careers is much greater than the number of females actually in those fields as adults. Somewhere along the way, someone is discouraging these girls from chasing their dreams cause they want to do something not considered “girly.” What GamerGate is doing is the same sort of undermining and discouragement.

I think girls can and should get to chase their dreams and be whoever they want to be. I mean, we just had Ada Lovelace Day for goodness sake, celebrating a woman whose ideas greatly contributed to the computers of today. What other example do you need?

I rest my case, cause I think I’ve said enough.

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I wonder if the Paternoster Gang ever works with Jago & Litefoot. They’re both based in London at about the same time, and both solving unusual crimes. Jago even apparently assumes that his and Litefoot’s adventures are the inspiration for the Sherlock Holmes stories, just as Dr. Simeon claims about Vastra and Jenny in “The Snowmen.” Hmm…

-Files away under fanfic ideas-

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I get a rep for breakin’ hearts
Now I’m done with superstars
And all the tears on her guitar
I’m not bitter.

Jonas Brothers, “Much Better”

Just listening to this right now. I have a feeling this is Joe Jonas commenting on his relationship with Taylor Swift. Cause I think he broke up with her, rather than the other way around (which is usually the case with Taylor). The third line in particular clued me in - Taylor’s first big hit was a song called “Teardrops on My Guitar.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love Taylor Swift. And her music. Heck, I even follow her on Instagram. AND listened to one of her songs just last night (thanks to someone I follow here posting one of her new ones, “Out of the Woods”). She’s one of only 2 country artists I regularly listen to (Carrie Underwood is the other). Her song “Safe and Sound” was the first song I ever heard from the first Hunger Games soundtrack and it is amazing.

I do wish she would get her act together with boys though. The way she made fun of Harry Styles onstage after she broke up with him was kinda not nice. (Especially considering how respectful the 1D guys are of women).

Anyway, since Taylor often writes songs about her breakups (I think she wrote one about Joe, though I’m not sure which song it is), to see her former boyfriend do the same is an interesting thing.

(On a semi-related note, JB is the only boy band I actually like. And I remember the era of Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, and 98 Degrees, back when I was in high school - the glory days of boy bands).

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On this day in 1926, Winnie-the-Pooh was published. Winnie, Tigger, Eeyore, and the rest of his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood now live at NYPL where they are cared for and loved! Learn more about how we keep Winnie and his friends looking their finest. 


On this day in 1926, Winnie-the-Pooh was published. Winnie, Tigger, Eeyore, and the rest of his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood now live at NYPL where they are cared for and loved! Learn more about how we keep Winnie and his friends looking their finest. 

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IAN: Without water the Doctor isn’t going to last 24 hours.

MARCO: None of us are Ian, without water.Our fate rests with Tegana.

TEGANA: Here’s water Marco Polo! (pours the water onto the ground) Come for it!

At the end of ‘the Singing Sands’ the water has run out, the Doctor has collapsed, and things look very bleak indeed. Their fate lies in Tegana, but he pours the much needed water away.

Seriously, I don’t know why they didn’t pick up on Tegana being a bad guy way sooner.

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