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Finally got around to watching “The Quest” today

And OMG it’s awesome! A reality show set in a fantasy land…I was unsure about it when I first heard of it, but now I’m totally buying it.

Watched the first two episodes so far. And oh crud the Queen just got poisoned! The next episode preview seems to throw some doubt on the Vizier. He seemed kinda fishy to me from the get-go. And let’s be real, when are Grand Viziers in fantasy ever the good guy? (I mean, look at Jafar from Aladdin)

Also some clever naming…the one castle currently safe is called “Sanctum.” A sanctum is by definition a place of safety.

I am hooked. For Everrealm! thequestabc

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"Kunzite-sama, you a-hole!!!"
…. Sometimes I just like to imagine these two being stupid boys together.
(Because apparently I am turning into the Norman Rockwell of KunZoi.)

This reminds me of the Eien Densetsu musical (and maybe its Kaiteiban too) where Zoisite poses as part of Juuban High’s sports team.


"Kunzite-sama, you a-hole!!!"

…. Sometimes I just like to imagine these two being stupid boys together.

(Because apparently I am turning into the Norman Rockwell of KunZoi.)

This reminds me of the Eien Densetsu musical (and maybe its Kaiteiban too) where Zoisite poses as part of Juuban High’s sports team.

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The Breakdown of the Tenth Doctor

I was reading the entry on TVTropes for “Midnight” and it got me thinking. I think the events of Series 4 leave a profound effect on Ten, which later erupt in him basically snapping in “The Waters of Mars” and trying to change a Fixed Point even though he knows all too well what will happen. Starting in “Voyage of the Damned” (which production-wise is part of Series 4), we see a theme of Ten not being able to save people - Astrid Peth, the Adipose Nurse Lady, the people of Pompeii, the Ood, the Vespiform-human guy, the Rattigan kid, Jenny, River, Sky (and the nameless Hostess), Davros, and ultimately Donna. The fact that Davros “shows him himself” in the finale, showing that he has turned his Companions into people who would risk themselves and the Earth for him, probably doesn’t help. This continues into “The Next Doctor,” in which he isn’t really able to help Jackson Lake, and confesses that in the end his Companions “break his hearts.” In “Planet of the Dead,” he saves the bus in the end, but has to leave the friendly aliens to their fate. In “Dreamland” he saves the day but just barely.

And that doesn’t even count all the comics, novels, and audios from this period, including where he briefly travels with a descendant of Jamie McCrimmon’s and is unable to save her from this enemy who’s after the time energy in her DNA inherited from her time-traveling ancestor.

Some of this can be seen in Ten in “The Day of The Doctor” too, which certain clues suggest happens post-Series 4 (his age, his lack of a Companion, and the fact that he recognizes “spoilers” when Eleven uses it, meaning he’s already met River; also in part 1 of “The End of Time” Ten mentions having married Elizabeth I). While some of the old Ten is there, he does seem angrier than unusual. His TARDIS interior also looks like he hasn’t been looking after it (though that may just be the lighting), similar to how Eleven didn’t fix the TARDIS’s exterior paint job while he was mourning the Ponds. (If you look close when Clara first finds the TARDIS in “The Snowmen,” the exterior paint is all worn, like it was at the end of “The Angels Take Manhattan”). And to top it all off, he doesn’t get to remember saving Gallifrey! Considering how hung up Ten was on the Time War and losing Gallifrey in other episodes, this is a real tragedy.

Is it any wonder Ten is so messed up in the end?

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Danny Pink is not what I expected. He’s a teacher, yeah, but not a super geeky scientist or anything. He’s an ex-soldier who clearly has a troubled past he doesn’t like to talk about and who, despite the headmaster’s claims to the contrary, isn’t super good with the ladies. Curious to see how things develop with him.

Anyways, finally got around to watching “Into the Dalek” last night. I didn’t feel like watching it Saturday night. And WOW. I don’t think I’ve seen such an intense Dalek episode since the New Who Series 4 finale (which I finally watched recently). I am about to watch “Genesis of the Daleks” though very soon so that may change. All in all, a very psychological, morality-filled episode. I like that, given Twelve is the first Doctor in a new regeneration cycle, he’s facing these challenges that really make him face who he truly is inside. The Doctor needs people to question his judgment sometimes, to remind him of right and wrong, of what humanity is about. And in this case, he turns to Clara for support, maybe because in a way she kinda knows him better than anyone since she’s seen all his lives.

I’m also kinda thrown off by the appearances of Missy and hope they tell us what the heck that’s all about.

Next time…Robin Hood! Yay!

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Tom Baker/Peter Capaldi Parallels (slight Series 8 spoilers)

I just started watching the Tom Baker era and was thinking there are some similarities between Peter Capaldi and his favorite Doctor, Tom Baker.

1. Both started with a Companion left over from their previous regeneration.

2. Both had/will have seasons where Gallifrey gets focused on. (This is presuming that “finding Gallifrey” becomes a primary objective in Series 8. Tom Baker’s era features three episodes which tell us a great deal about Gallifrey: “The Deadly Assassin,” “The Invasion of Time,” and the unaired “Shada”).

3. Both snuck out of bed in their PJ’s in their premiere episodes when they were ordered to bed for being “unwell” as a result of a recent regeneration.

4. Both deal with the Daleks in their first season. (“Genesis of the Daleks” and “Into the Dalek”)

5. Both of their premiere episodes had robots as antagonists (“Robot” and “Deep Breath”).

6. The initial scene of Twelve coming back to the Paternoster Gang is similar to Four’s initial encounters with the UNIT family in “Robot.” Vastra even says “Well, here we go again” when realizing The Doctor has regenerated, just as The Brig does in “Robot” (in a scene reprised from “Planet of the Spiders”).

7. The scene in “Deep Breath” where Twelve looks in a mirror in the alley and comments on his appearance is similar to a scene with Four in “Robot.” The way he comments about his eyebrows is similar to how Four reacts to his ears.


There may be more, but those are the parallels I could think of.

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