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My pre-ordered copy of the Opening/Ending single for Sailor Moon Crystal just arrived!! It arrived before I left for work too which is awesome.

Even more awesome is that I got it early…it doesn’t actually come out till tomorrow. 😊

This is the “Momoclo Version,” hence the pic of the Momoclo girls on the front. It also comes with an extra song: a cover of “Moon Revenge,” one of my favorite songs from the original anime, plus an accompanying karaoke. The “Sailor Moon Version” (the CD + Blu Ray version) does not have that track.

It also comes with this little card. I don’t know what it’s for, though.

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Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi's Doctor will be "more alien"

Reading this, I can tell Capaldi is taking this role very seriously. That is awesome. After all, he is a long-time fan, so of course he wants to do it right.

Also, him making The Doctor more alien and detached makes sense. Remember that he’s a big fan of Tom Baker (if his childhood fanart is any indication). Four was very alien and detached too.

This makes me just want to see his performance even more. I think being a long-time fan of the show going into it - like David Tennant or Capaldi - really helps.

It will also be interesting to see how he and Clara/Jenna act together. The trailers seem to suggest that Clara’s real wary of him at first. After all, when Eleven was regenerating, she begged him not to change. That may be why Eleven calls her from the past to reassure her and tell her Twelve is going to need her. (If indeed said call is in the show, as rumored).

Anyway, can’t wait! Less than a month now!

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Sam & Cat Canceled: Nickelodeon Show Starred Ariana Grande & Jennette McCurdy | E! Online

WHAT?!! No…! Why did you have to cancel the show? Sam and Cat was something I looked forward to watching every Saturday after work.

I guess they really meant it, that the most recent episode was the “last episode” of Sam and Cat. :(

I did read Jennette McCurdy’s Reddit post about not wanting to be considered a role model, and think she was brave to make a stand like that.

I will admit, the end of the last episode was shocking — that after all that’s happened, Sam wouldn’t try to save Cat from getting arrested. I mean, this is the girl who always steps in to defend her friends, whether through fisticuffs or the infamous “butter sock.” On the other hand, Sam has always been portrayed as apathetic and selfish, particularly in Sam and Cat, so the choice is not completely out of character for her. But we were lead to believe their friendship meant something…only for Sam to blow it off in the end. How unfortunate.

I do hope they make the as-yet-unaired episodes of the show available somehow…

EDIT: After reading more about this, it seems to be traced to some pay disputes and the accidental leaking of some racy photos of McCurdy online. Also, it’s possible the ending of the most recent episode would have led to something different had the show continued; like Victorious they didn’t get to do a proper ending. So I shouldn’t bash Sam.

Still waiting for Dan Schneider to comment on this; checked, there was nothing on his blog. (Nor on Twitter). Jennette has not commented yet either. Ariana Grande tweeted about it, but she’s got other things on her mind, as apparently her beloved grandpa just died. 😢 Poor Ariana!

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