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Tom Baker/Peter Capaldi Parallels (slight Series 8 spoilers)

I just started watching the Tom Baker era and was thinking there are some similarities between Peter Capaldi and his favorite Doctor, Tom Baker.

1. Both started with a Companion left over from their previous regeneration.

2. Both had/will have seasons where Gallifrey gets focused on. (This is presuming that “finding Gallifrey” becomes a primary objective in Series 8. Tom Baker’s era features three episodes which tell us a great deal about Gallifrey: “The Deadly Assassin,” “The Invasion of Time,” and the unaired “Shada”).

3. Both snuck out of bed in their PJ’s in their premiere episodes when they were ordered to bed for being “unwell” as a result of a recent regeneration.

4. Both deal with the Daleks in their first season. (“Genesis of the Daleks” and “Into the Dalek”)

5. Both of their premiere episodes had robots as antagonists (“Robot” and “Deep Breath”).

6. The initial scene of Twelve coming back to the Paternoster Gang is similar to Four’s initial encounters with the UNIT family in “Robot.” Vastra even says “Well, here we go again” when realizing The Doctor has regenerated, just as The Brig does in “Robot” (in a scene reprised from “Planet of the Spiders”).

7. The scene in “Deep Breath” where Twelve looks in a mirror in the alley and comments on his appearance is similar to a scene with Four in “Robot.” The way he comments about his eyebrows is similar to how Four reacts to his ears.


There may be more, but those are the parallels I could think of.

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Deep Breath initial thoughts (slight spoilers)

So just watched “Deep Breath,” the Doctor Who Series 8 premiere…finished it about an hour ago. (I couldn’t watch it right when I got home from work, like I’d planned, cause I was locked out of our DVR). It was really great…pretty funny too. The Paternoster Gang always makes me laugh. Especially Strax. When he hit Clara with the newspaper, I laughed so loud.

Also…did Jenny mention “Paternoster Regulars”?! That caught my ear. That is a Sherlock Holmes reference - Holmes had a network of street urchins called the “Baker Street Regulars” who brought him info. And Dr. Simeon DID suggest Doyle was basing his stories on Vastra’s exploits. Anyway, I wonder if Moffat slipped that in there on purpose. He is definitely a big Sherlock Holmes fan.

Great new take on the Clockwork Droids…they are a lot creepier this time around. Though they never did technically explain the spontaneous combustion.

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but in the beginning, when Vastra realizes The Doctor has regenerated, she says, “Well, here we go again.” This is exactly what The Brig says when he and Sarah Jane watch the Third Doctor regenerate into the Fourth. An homage, perhaps? (Speaking of homages, Twelve mentions that he used to have more “round things” in the TARDIS and that he should bring them back, an obvious reference to the roundels you see on the walls of the TARDIS in Classic Who and also on the walls of the War Doctor’s TARDIS).

Nice that they brought up that thing again of Clara getting the number from the lady at the shop in “The Bells of Saint John”…was hoping we’d get a solution to that mystery sometime.

The cameo from Matt was SO sad…you can sense in his voice just how weary Eleven is in those moments just before his regeneration. (Also, it finally explains why when Clara entered the TARDIS at the end of “The Time of The Doctor,” the outside phone was off the hook…remember, he had been meaning to reconnect it to the inside of the TARDIS that whole episode; that’s why he told Handles to remind him). A great moment though…been waiting for that scene since I first heard the rumor about it.

The very end was confusing though…I guess it’ll be explained later? Who is that lady, and why does she seem to know The Doctor? (It almost looked like she had an umbrella, which, along with her clothes, made me think of all those “Mary Poppins is a Time Lady” jokes).

Overall great start for Capaldi…granted, his Doctor seems a little odd in this episode, but I guess we can chalk that up to post-regeneration disorientation. He shows an equal ability to do serious and humor at any rate.

They said the opening sequence was based on one made by a fan, and when I saw it, I was like “yeah, I’ve seen that before.” It was so short though…I wonder if that was just for this episode or if that will be the norm from now on.

Next week…Daleks and Danny Pink!

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